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Basic Foodbanking

River Bend Foodbank collects, stores and redistributes surplus food to other charities that serve the hungry. The Foodbank employs state-of-the-art systems for keeping inventory, ordering, and tracking millions of pounds of food from many different sources each year. Each agency orders what product they choose for people they serve. Foodbank staff members take orders from 300+ agencies, which are then “picked” from the warehouse, assembled, and made ready for distribution. These agencies include food pantries, which provide non-prepared food and other grocery products to those in need; soup kitchens which provide meals; programs that assist low-income elderly people and children and many other programs that reach out to people in this community. The quantity of food each agency orders is determined by the number of people served, how often distributions are held, plus practical elements like storage space and refrigeration. River Bend receives donated food from wholesalers, distributors and retailers. The Foodbank also receives food from both the State of Illinois and State of Iowa. Citizens from our own community can help the Foodbank by donating food through the two largest food drives in the Quad Cities: The Student Food Drive and the Letter Carrier Food Drive. Recently the foodbank began purchasing food at wholesale prices that is greatly needed and not often donated to help supplement our inventory and better meet the needs of our member agencies.

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