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River Bend Foodbank will be closed the following days in November:
November 12th (Student Hunger Drive loading day)
November 26th (Thanksgiving)
November 27th (Thanksgiving)

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Donated Items (.18/lb.)
QuantityProduct Description
Recees PB Eggs 6/36ct (2)
Fortune Cookies 12/3oz (6)
Cheddar/Bacon Instant Potatoes 12/5.1oz (10)
Assorted Fruit/Juice (8)
Chocolate Granola Cereal 6/11oz (10)
Slim Jims 2/24ct (8)
Sour Cream/Chives Potatoes 12/5.1oz
Pasta Misc. 20/1lb (8)
Fruit Snack 80/.8oz (10)
Tampico Juice (10) .04/lb
Vanilla Wafers 12/11oz (6)
Trident Gum 12/12pk (10)
Fudge Kit 6/31.5oz (10)
Brownie 12/5.34oz (15)
Vanilla Breakfast Shake 5-8/3oz (20)
Waffle Bowls 6/10ct (20)
Danish Cookie Tin 12/12oz (10)
Tortilla Chips 20/1oz (30) Free!! N/C
Hamburger Helper Single Serve 12/1.5oz (10)
Peanut Butter 12/16oz (10)
Cheez Its 10/8oz (10)
Bugles Jaleneno/Cheddar 6/14.5oz(10)
Assorted Soup (8)
Loaded Casserole Instant Potatoes 12/4.5oz (10)
Peanut Butter 200/.75oz (10) Free N/C
Mixed Pasta/Sauce assorted box (8)
Hormel Cheese/Rigatoni Meal 6/10oz (15)
Italian Salad Dressing 6/64oz (10)
Sweet Potato Chips 12/4.5oz (8)
Nature Valley Nut Bar 16-25/1.17oz (10) Free N/C
Three Cheese Instant Potatoes 12/5oz (15)
Cereal mixed (4)
Chocolate Breakfast Shake 5-8/3oz (20)
Tortilla Chips (4)
Saltine Crackers 500/2ct (10)
Yellow Corn Chips 9/8oz (6)
Pita Puffs 6/4oz (10)
Bread Crumbs 8/3.35oz (10)
Yogurs Bar 12/5.34oz (15)
Frosting 8/16oz (10)
Gerber Pudding Grabber 6/3.5oz (15)
Hot Cereal 12/28oz (8)
Oreo Wafers 3inch 23lbs (4)
Peanut Butter 6/64oz (6)
Flour 25/lb bags (10)
Graham Crackers 200/.5oz (10)
Andy Capp Fries Chips 12/3oz (6)
Au Gratin Potatoes 12/4.7oz (20)
Salsa 12/16oz (10)
Julienne Potatoes 12/4.6oz (10)
David Sunflower Seeds 12/13oz (8)
Pumpkin Canned 12/18oz (10)
Personal Care
Nite Time Cold/Flu 6/8oz (20)
Toothbrush 6/4pk (10)
Pamper Under Jams S/M 46ct (6)
Frozen Items
Pork Loins 12/14 1.5lbs (4)
French Fries 8/1.25lb (20)
French Fries Naturall Cut 6/5lb (10)
Cubed Ham 2/5lb (8)
Salsa Tortilla Shells 12/1dz (6)
Chicken Leg Quarters Bulk 35lb .04/lb
Country POtato Soup 4/8lb bag (6)

Iowa Agencies
QuantityProduct Description
Peaches Sliced 24/15oz (8) .04/lb
Instant Potatoes 12/1lb .04/lb (10)
Cranberry Conc. Juice 12/11.5oz (20)
Grapefruit Juice 8/64oz .14/lb (6)
Green Beans 24/15oz (3) .04/lb
Toasted Wheatfuls Cereal 10/6.4oz .04/lb (10)
Apples Fresh .00/lb FREE (6)
Kidney Beans Canned 24/15oz (8)
Crispy Rice Cereal 16/12oz (6) $.04/lb
Grape Juice 8/64oz .14/lb (8)
Dried Cranberries 16/30oz .04/lb (10)
Peanut Butter 12/18oz (8)
Spaghetti Noodles 12/32oz (8) .04/lb
Cranberry Sauce 12/14oz .04/lb (10)
Dried Cherries 8/2lb (6) .04/lb
Tomato Juice 8/64oz (8) .04/lb
Apple SAuce 24/15oz (3) .04/lb
Elbow Macaroni 20/16oz (8) .04/lb
Personal Care
Frozen Items
Chicken Quarters 4/10lb (10) .04/lb
Diced Carrots 12/2.5lb .04/lb (8)
Frozen Cherries 12/2.5lb $.00/lb

Purchase Products
QuantityProduct DescriptionPrice# In case
Panckae MIx 12/16.5oz$7.140
Grape Jelly 12/19 oz$12.4816
Tomato Soup 24/10.75oz$9.6919
Peaches 24/4oz$7.357
Instant Potatoes 12/6oz$7.000
Green Beans 24/15oz $14.5827
Corn Muffin Mix 12/16 oz$11.680
Peanut Butter 12/18 oz$17.2512
Applesauce 24/15oz$14.310
Corn 24/15oz$12.9627
Green Peas 24/15oz$0.000
Tuna Canned 48/5oz $25.840
Raviloli 24/15 oz$16.7424
Spaghetti Sauce 24/15oz$11.8827
Beef Pasta Dinner 12/5.3oz$6.600
Chicken Stuffing 12/5.25oz$7.840
Pork & Bean 24/7.5oz$13.300
Vegetable Beef Soup 24/10.25 oz$14.4424
Beef Stew Single Serve$11.9024
Carrots 24/15oz$15.1227
Strawberry Jelly 12/19 oz$12.7812
Quick Oats 12/16oz$10.920
Pork and Beans 24/15oz$14.560
Chicken & Rice Soup 24/10.75oz$0.000
Cheesy Tuna Dinner 12/5.3oz$7.326
Spaghetti Noodles 20/16oz $10.500
Toasted O's Cereal 10/17.63oz$10.080
Cream of Mushroom soup 24/10.25 oz$9.3119
Chicken Noodle Soup 24/10.75oz$0.008
Chunk Chicken 24/5oz 11lb$16.9911
Pancake Syrup 12/24oz$12.500
Mac & Cheese 24/7.25oz$7.000
Corn Fakes Cereal 10/17.63oz$9.680
Frosted Flakes Cereal 10/17.63oz$9.840
Crisped Rice Cereal 10/17.63oz$10.200
Personal Care
Shampoo 60/4oz$17.6460
Toothpaste 144/1.5 oz$27.36144
Deodorant Hand Soap 72 bars$17.4672
Frozen Items
Hot Dogs 32/12 oz$30.4824
Ground Turkey 24/1lb (1.29/lb)$30.9624

Fresh Produce
QuantityProduct Description
Potatoes Fresh 5/10lb (.10/lb)
Carrots 48/1lb .01/lb
Personal Care
Frozen Items

Ground Turkey $1.29 per pound!!

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