Read real stories of the lasting impact River Bend Food Bank has on the lives of eastern lowa and western Illinois, and then find out how you can help.





I had to stop working two years ago because of my disability. It's blessing to receive help like this we won't need help forever, but just for a while. Times have been tough, but I know we'll be ok. I have my faith and my family - and help from the food pantry.

SusiePantry Guest

We're so grateful for everyone supporting us - our parish, the volunteers, the community, and River Bend Food Bank. Their generosity makes it possible for US to do what we do, for us to fulfill our mission.

JulieFirst Baptist Church Food Pantry

Hunger is a community issue that impacts all of us - and it impacted me directly as a child. I want to be part of a movement that will help create a stronger, more vibrant community for children, families, and adults. And with a community approach, hunger is a problem we can solve.

Amy JonesRoyal Neighbors of America

In 2020, our community rallied in support of River Bend Food Bank in the face of a global pandemic. While some say COVID-19 revealed the cracks in our systems of support for one another, we say it revealed our
capacity to fix these cracks once and for all. With your support, River Bend Food Bank will end hunger in our region.

Nate ClarkJohn Deere Foundation

Now is the time to grow for tomorrow’s challenges. Together, we WILL end hunger.