Legislative Candidate Responses to Sales Tax Exemption

By October 29, 2020March 31st, 2021Advocacy, Uncategorized

River Bend Food Bank, along with other food banks in Iowa, remains liable for sales tax under current Iowa legislation. Each year, the Food Bank pays $25,000 in sales tax, funding that could instead provide 125,000 meals to people in need. River Bend Food Bank has advocated for years for a sales tax exemption to be adopted for food banks in Iowa. Earlier in 2020, the measure passed in the House but not in the Senate. Because of the heavy need for food banks across the state during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, Governor Kim Reynolds is officially on record now supporting a sales tax exemption for Iowa’s food banks. Ahead of the 2020 election, River Bend Food Bank polled Iowa legislative candidates, and many have also responded in support of making food banks sales tax-exempt.

“I very much appreciate the following candidates for the Iowa Statehouse pledging their support for Sales Tax Exemption for River Bend Food Bank in the 2021 Legislative Session,” said Mike Miller, President & CEO of River Bend Food Bank.

We are pleased to report the following candidates are in support of HF2103, ensuring food banks can best use funds to support our communities’ hungry neighbors:

District 57: Ryan Quinn

District 89:

  • Monica Kurth
  • Sean Hanley
  • Jon Vance

District 90: Cindy Winkler

District 92: Jennifer Kakert

District 93:

  • Phyllis Thede
  • Mike Vondran

District 94:

  • Mary Gleason
  • Gary Mohr

District 97:

  • Ryan Zeskey
  • Norlin Mommsen

District 98:

  • Mary Wolfe
  • Joma Short

To learn more about your district’s legislators and to contact them to urge they support HF2103, sales tax exemption for Iowa’s food banks, visit: www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find