River Bend Food Bank Team

Mary Adams

Donor Data Specialist/Photographer

ext. 2201

Mike Adams


Dorie Arp-Benore

Director of Donor Relations

ext. 2200

Aaron Barton

Site Director, Galesburg Branch

ext. 2280

Sharon Bertram

Chief Financial Officer

ext. 2110

Steve Blevins

Driver & Warehouse Associate

Shawn Carr

Warehouse Associate

Donald Cassatt


Clayton Collins

Maintenance & Sanitation

Jenny Colvin

Chief Development Officer

ext. 2160

Jarrod Connor

Service Insights Manager

ext. 2190

Leslie Corlett

Director of Corporate & Foundation Giving

ext. 2060

Michelle Davenport


ext. 2210

Jeff DeYoung

Chief Regional Site Officer

ext. 2040

Liz Dierolf

Director of Marketing & Communications

ext. 2010

Adrian Eldridge

Warehouse Associate

Josh Engelkins

Driver & Warehouse Associate, St. Stephen's Branch

Jana Fleming

Programs/Volunteer Coordinator

ext. 2030

Chris Ford

Food Sourcing Manager

ext. 2140

Jasmine Garcia

Retail Donation Coordinator

ext. 2203

Catherine Greer

Client Empowerment Manager

ext. 2100

Rachel Grewe

Programs Coordinator

ext. 2150

Larry Griffin

Driver & Warehouse Associate, St. Stephen's Branch

Keela Gustman

Accounting Coordinator

ext. 2130

Renae Hampton

Administrative Assistant

ext. 2120

Noelle Hardi

Warehouse Associate

Rebecca Harris

Chief Strategy Officer

ext. 2180

Ryan Hitchings

Warehouse Associate, Galesburg Branch

Kelli Hoag

Agency Partnerships Coordinator

ext. 2080

Seth Hulbert

Warehouse Associate

Kathy Hutton

Site Director, St. Stephen's Branch

ext. 2240

Kevin Isaacs

Warehouse Associate

Willie Cotton, Jr.

Driver & Warehouse Associate

Walt McAllister

Driver, Galesburg Branch

Belinda Mielenhausen

Director of Programs

ext. 2090

Dana Myrick

Pantry Coordinator

Ron Myrick

Driver & Warehouse Associate

Nora Noriega

Front Desk Associate

ext. 2000

Aaron Olsen

Warehouse Associate

Tom Paisley

Driver & Warehouse Associate, St. Stephen's Branch

Emilee Rangel

Site Director, Davenport

ext. 2070

Nancy Renkes

President & CEO

ext. 2020

Keenan Rogers

Warehouse Associate, St. Stephen's Branch

Alison Ryley

Director of Donor Relations

ext. 2201

Tyler Scott

Warehouse Associate

Lisa Spitler

Food Assistance/SNAP Outreach Manager, Iowa

Danielle Tisor

Director of Agency Partnerships

ext. 2050

Michael Whitbeck


Theo Williamson




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