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Statement of Purpose [1]

River Bend Food Bank strives to support the community in its desire for safe, high quality, culturally relevant, nutritious foods. We recognize the role that nutrition plays in achieving physical, mental, and social-emotional health for all ages and lifestyles, and in achieving health equity for its members. Food insecurity is linked to poor nutrition, poor health, an increased risl of developing chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, impaired psychological and cognitive functioning and substandard achievement, and other diet-related conditions. We will work to educate our agency and community partners, our staff, and our volunteers on the integration of healthy and nutrient-rich foods into our work and will use this policy to guide our decisions about foods to procure and distribute. Using the Healthy Eating Research Nutrition Guidelines for the Charitable Food System, to acquire, purchase, and distribute nutritious foods, we commit to a long-term, evolving system that will eventually go beyond simply providing food and will seek to nourish those members of our community who utilize our services. This is subject to change based on River Bend Food Banks ability to access proper resources and to adjust to unforeseen conditions; implementation will be gradual and ongoing.

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