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It’s exciting times here at River Bend Food Bank as our new structure is taking shape! The expansion project is moving along at a brisk pace, and the vision is becoming clearer each day. At this point, we are excited to report that the project is right around 50% complete.

Immediately following the steel delivery in November, construction began moving upward and we are now excited to report the full structure is in place (but not before River Bend staff had a chance to sign a commemorative beam!)

With walls in place and a roof overhead, the focus has largely turned to the interior of the structure. Following the concrete pour, several tasks are being tackled concurrently including doors, framing, electrical and HVAC. Progress has been inspiring and all of us at River Bend are growing more excited by the day. It is also with great enthusiasm that we can report the project is still right on time and on budget.

We hope you enjoy the attached photos of the progress.  We will continue to keep you updated as we move closer to the finish line. There will be some exciting announcements in the coming months!